Family Law  FAQ's

What are some of the Family law areas the office practices?


   - Marriage Dissolution
   - Paternity Actions
   - Complex property settlement agreements, including tax consequences and
     division of pensions by Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
   - Legal separations
   - Non-parental custody
   - Stepparent adoptions
   - Domestic partnership and living-together property litigation and agreements
   - Dissolution of Intimate, Committed (Meretricious) Relationships

This area includes marriages, domestic partnerships, paternity actions, third-party custody, guardianships of children and living-together relationships.

We have assisted clients in legal matters before entering some of these relationships, enforcing actions in other relationship, dissolving some of these relationships and enforcing rights after some of these relationship have ended.

Our attorneys provide legal service and advice on domestic matters for married and unmarried couples and for individuals. We have extensive experience with pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and the coordination between domestic matters and estate planning. We have prepared and been involved in litigation of complex property settlement agreements, including tax consequences.

We have been involved in dissolutions of marriage, domestic partnerships and intimate, committed relationships.

For married individuals with children, our office has acted as attorney in paternity actions/parentage actions.

Our office has been involved in stepparent adoptions, non-parental custody actions and guardianships.

Our office has prepared and litigated anti-harrassment and protection orders.

Our office has established and modified Parenting Plans and Orders for Child Support.

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