Real Estate FAQ's

The real estate practice at Jay Carey Law Offices has been involved in the legal aspects of document preparation, escrows, construction development, property management, title insurance and foreclosure for forty years.

The office offers legal advice and services in:

    -  Purchase and Sale agreements,
    -  Real estate closing,
    -  Legal documents relating to real property,
    -  Promissory Notes secured by Deeds of Trust/Mortgages
    -  Landlord/Tenant matters, including evictions
    -  Leases, construction and mechanic liens, construction documents and title insurance review,
    -  Buying and selling business involving real estate

The office provides litigation services for lien foreclosing, foreclosure and forfeiture of real property secured notes, quiet title actions and general litigation.

Jay Carey Law Offices provides full service in real estate matters, including purchase and sale escrows, development, leasing and management and dispute resolution. We provide general legal counsel, negotiation, document and drafting, and litigation/arbitration.

    -  Purchase and Sale Agreements
    -  Landlord/Tenant Representation
    -  Commercial and Residential Representation
    -  Easements
    -  Construction & Lien Law
    -  Foreclosures and Forfeiture
    -  Homeowner Association Formation, Management and Enforcement
    -  Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions
    -  Leases
    -  Options
    -  Adverse Possession

An important part of real estate practice is document review, advice, negotiation and drafting. Whether this involves reviewing documents that have been prepared for a client to sign or if a client wishes documents prepared by us at the inception of a transaction, our significant experience can help a client significantly. A non-inclusive list of prepared documents that an attorney should review are purchase and sale agreements (earnest money agreements), leases, easements, notes involving securitization property construction contracts, options and business sales involving real property. A properly prepared legal document can limit many issues for a client in the future.

We can act as escrow and close a transaction involving a business opportunity with or without real property. We provide a contract collection service by holding documents, processing and monitoring collection payments.

We file lien claims (construction and otherwise) on behalf of clients and perform required foreclosures.

We perform foreclosure on personal property whose debts are secured by security agreements, purchase money security agreements or other perfected security interests.

We presently represent homeowner associations in their formation, by-laws, management and formation.

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