Steven G. Phillips

Steven G. Phillips has practiced law for over twenty years. He has worked on Juvenile Court cases on Motions, Hearings, Trials, and preparation for same in the areas of Juvenile Offender and Dependency. He has worked on private cases in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law (particularly DUI, DWLS, Assault, and other gross misdemeanors, mostly in Snohomish County Municipal and District Courts). He has been actively involved in Bankruptcy filing, Wills and Estate Planning, Guardianship, Real Estate Law, Social Security and civil litigation. For over ten years, Mr. Phillips was a manager in a manufacturing company located in the Midwest.

Steven received his Juris Doctor in 1979 from Memphis State University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts in 1975 from Southwestern at Memphis, both in Memphis, Tennessee.

He was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 1993.

Steve is married and the father of four daughters, grandfather of two granddaughters and one grandson.

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